Monday, June 2, 2014

Some older stuff I've done

 Recently I discovered my Cool Mini or Not account was shut down, which was kinda a major bummer. I had my account running since 2003, and there were many pictures of miniatures that are now lost into the void. A couple moves across the country, and some of my prime pieces have disappeared. It's cool. They all went to good friends and people that deserved them. I decided to snap some shots of my favorite minis that are still kickin' around.

I painted this cat around 2007 or '08. Thaddeus, the Angels of Redemption Captain. I went through a big heraldry phase for a while, and I've always been a fan of classic '80s and early '90's Space Marines. I won a gold medal with him at some show or another. It was given to one of my best buddies, and fortunately I still have access to take pics of him.

This guy is one of my favorites. It isn't technically impressive, but damn, is he a badass. This must have been '05 or '06. I did a series of minis based off of Fallout/post-apocalyptic fiction and movies. I think he was from Foundry.

Once more some classic Space Marine heraldry. This guy also won me a medal, silver I believe. So smooth. I don't know how I did that shit. Well, I do, but I doubt I could swing it again. '06 or '07.
Another post-apocalyptic style guy. From Privateer press. Again, this belongs to my buddy.

That's it for today, just wanted to show some stuff off. I'm hoping to have another post this week about a new 7" I picked up recently. Later.


  1. still have the heavy chainsword wizard lookin guy. still badass