Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MFCA Show 2014

Like I said in my last post, I've been hitting the Miniature Figure Collectors of America show for several years now. It's right down the road from me, just outside of Philly in Valley Forge, and the caliber of work there is nothing short of amazing. The fantasy/sci-fi genre has been gaining in popularity there over the past few years as well. I just went down for the day on Friday. I didn't feel like paying for the hotel room, and I decided to bail on showing. I'm just a precious, delicate flower and I can't accept rejection. Ha, not really. I'm just a lazy bastard and I still haven't finished anything that fills me with stoke. I'll get around to it someday. I just wanna wait 'til I can bring some solid A game.

I did snag you guys a ton of rad shots of the immensely impressive work at this year's show. I apologize that I do not know who any of the artists are, so if you see your work and want a shoutout, get at me. I'm particularly interested in finding out who painted the Rackham miniatures.

Enjoy the miniature porn, and I'll get back at you in a bit. On the skate front, not long ago my buddy showed up to work with a vintage Gator in awesome condition. When he finally shoots me some pictures I'll show that off. I'm jealous.

Folkin cancels do work: smoking pipe weed.

Two fancypants men and a goat? There's a joke in there somewhere.

The tattoos are impressive on this dude.

I wish I still cared about Space Marines. They kind of bore me. This duder was wicked impressive, though.


I was really stoked to see this piece. I think I've mentioned it here before, but I love Rackham's goblin line.

Ditto for Rackham's Mid-Nor dwarves.

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