Wednesday, September 3, 2014

40k Beastman WIP - Base and Legs

Well, I guess with the passing of Labor Day here in the USA, it's unofficially considered the end of summer. I'm cool with that, I dig the fall. I'm definitely ready to settle down and get back to doing more work, and mountain biking and hiking in the fall can't be beat.
I did start shipping out the packages for my mini exchange, and it only took my slacker ass two months. So rejoice! If you joined up, your grimy little fists should be all over some sweet vintage lead soon.

I figured I'd post up a little WIP action to let you see what I've been working on lately. I've been making a little bit of progress on the beastman. I'm trying to avoid getting super involved in this miniature and continue moving along quickly without getting held up on one spot too long. I have the habit of starting miniatures for fun, and then I get super involved in the details. Pretty soon I'm 20 hours in, then boredom arrives, and then there is another half finished miniature in my case. I'm going to try to not let that happen. Insert line from everyone's favorite space muppet.

Do, or do not.
There is no try.
I'm cutting it short today, but fear not, I shall return soon. If you joined up for the exchange, you'll have some fun coming to you soon, so keep in touch! Later.