Saturday, June 7, 2014

Destroy: Vintage Gator Board

Today I'm gonna show off some pictures of a classic board from one of my buddy's collections. I was at work not too long ago, and he rolled in and told me to check out this old board he had. I was floored. It's a pretty cherry Vision Gator, with Venture trucks and Toxic wheels. Straight out of the '80's, and it even has some great period stickers. I would very much like to thank my buddy, Mikey, for finally snagging these photos.

I'd like to give a little history about Gator himself, but I figure if you skate, you probably know. He's an asshole. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read his Wikipedia article. To sum it up, he's a rapist, a murderer, and he converted to Christianity in prison. Seriously, screw that guy. It's still a treat to run into such a nice example of one of his signature boards.

Vert is Dead did a little article about the Toxic Team if you are interested. You can scope it here. I believe they were based in Ocean City, Maryland, which is probably the closest beach to the area where I reside. It kinda makes sense how they showed up on this board. Seriously, look at those guys. Sick. The Toxic sticker on the tail is a nice touch as well.

Thanks again to Mikey for motivating. I'll have some more paint action up for you guys soon, I'm also slowly working on restoring a Hoffman Dirty One-30 BMX frame, and I have some records to rant about. Keep checking back for more shred!

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  1. Awesome. My wife just got me a new re-release of an old Powell Cab for me to cruise around on. First thing i did when changing to harder wheels to power slide around was cross thread an axle bolt. I cried, then i took it in to get re-threaded and all was good. I felt like an idiot. I haven't cross threaded a bolt since i was 12 o_O Now to work on getting my pressure flips back - ya know since the 80's are all retro cool now i figure it's time to resurrect that trick ;)