Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rogue Trader Mini Exchange

So I've been trying to cut down the lead hoard a little bit these days. Blasphemy, I know. Remember, a miniature painter only dies when his last figure is painted. I. Will. Live. Forever. That being said, I've got a stupid stash of rad stuff, and I want to see it go to good use. My last post was pictures of some old school 40k stuff I did years ago, I got some good feedback, and it really got me to thinking.

I'd like to present a challenge. Maybe it's not really a challenge, it's more of just an offer. I have a major boner for old Rogue Trader stuff done in a modern style, and I have a large collection of classic Ork and Space Marine miniatures. I'll toss serious cats a mini from my collection if you paint it up and send me pictures. Postage is on me. I just want to see you sling some wicked paint. I would prefer to see some reference pictures of your stuff (i.e. I'd like evidence to prove you're not gonna be flipping this shit on the EvilBay), but all skill levels are welcome. I want to trust you guys, but sorry, I don't wanna see my collection weased for someone else's gain. I could sell this shit myself. Don't do it. I will track you down. I will hurt you. That is a promise.

Seriously, that's a drop in the bucket of my hoard. That's predominantly RT Orks and Marines.

So on an old school kick, I decided I should share some of the weirder and rarer stuff in my collection, and I snagged a few more pictures of some way old stuff I painted. I know there is more stuff kicking around here and there, but this is all I was motivated to find while drinking cheap beer at 3 a.m.

I still remember finding my copy of Rogue Trader when I was 18 years old, getting blazed outta my gourd, and flipping through that holy tome. So much killer art, so much weird. The Book of the Astronomican has some wicked artwork, and a huge catalog of painted RT goodness at the end. Somehow there are two copies of the book crammed between that cover. Weird. I still need to get a few pages framed to hang around the pad.
Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos on vinyl? Better believe I have that shit framed. Yeah. I know you want it. Ain't leavin' my collection. Absolutely amazing artwork. Gatefold. You need to see it all. I'll do up a whole article about it eventually. I still remember the first time I found a Bolt Thrower album. Again, I think I was 18, and it was Honor Valor Pride. I saw the 40k inspired album cover and I was hooked. Can I just say how awesome early Earache Records was? Like when Carcass appeared on Red Dwarf? Worlds collide.

Ratspike and an early Fantasy Miniatures book. Blanche and Miller. So stoked to find those both. I found them at a convention a few years ago, and I scored both for cheap. I assume if you are reading this you know of the genius that is Blanche, but if not, he's one of the primary creative forces behind the evolution of the dark and moody feeling of the Warhammer worlds. He's kind of a big deal.

 I will say my tastes have changed over the years, and I don't really have the urge to paint up any more Space Marines. I've done too many. Sorry, dudes. That being said, I've always been a fan of Space Wolves. Vikings in space? Bring it. I had almost a full squad of these guys painted at one point, but as I said in my last post, some disappeared over time. I particularly love devil lock plasma gunner. His shoulder pad declares his name is Sven, but I really should have named him Glenn. I wasn't so clever in my youth.

I've painted two versions of the Imperial Fist dude. One was originally in the Wolves squad, and he departed into the void. I kept the Fist because painting yellow sucks. Especially clean and precise black lined yellow. I don't know how I had the patience to do that shit back in the day.

So here is a little rant for you. One of the beautiful things about early 40k is the shameless ripping off of all that was good in sci-fi and fantasy at the time. Like Star Wars mixed with Tolkien with a little flavor of B-movies and punk rock, and some history in there as well. It's really unfortunate Games Workshop has come down to what it is these days. Bitch, bitch, bitch. We all know they are now an evil empire, but they still occasionally put out a good kit. I still need to snag the new Knight Titan. That being said, why GW, why? You've abandoned pewter. It hurts my soul. I know GW being huge dickholes is a big point of consternation in the miniatures community these days, so I'm gonna let it go at that. Trust me, I could go on.

Getting back on track, anyone who legitimately want to wreck some old school style will have a classic 40k mini shipped to them. You can suggest what you want, but I'll pick it. Obviously there's gotta be a limit, so if this gets too popular I'll have to bail on some people. Heh, that is assuming people actually read this blog. Post in the comments section if you're interested, and if possible, leave a link with some of your work. I'll email you for details. You can also try using that nifty little contact box I added on the right hand side of the page. I'd like to see them done in a month or so. Shoot me some pictures back. Lets bring it. Drink beers. Break out the Bolt Thrower. Let us show how old school minis can still hang.


  1. You remember the old MK1 terminators and dreadnoughts? those were so badass :).

  2. Haha, great ideas, and wonderful pics!

  3. Hello! I have just stumbled upon your blog and I must say that its glad that I found another soulmate! What you describe in this article really hits every single nerve of my awesomeness meter (especially Bolt Thrower \m/ ). I am seriously in love with the ork model that you have painted in the last picture, the Bad Moon Nob. If you have it extra I would love to try painting it up. I have a huge Ork collection from back these days but I miss this particular model. You can see some samples of my work on my blog,

    I would love to hear from you!

  4. I just came across your blog (now duely added to my list) and would liketo know if teh challenge is still up,

    It' sjust in my mood and I just love painting a model I had totally not intended to paint at first !

    Here's my blog for you to check if I'm OK.

  5. Me thinks I've come to this party a bit too late, but I'd love to paint up one of the prototype terminators if you've got one floating around. It's got so much flat space on the shoulder pads you could go nuts with freehand there. I'd also modify it's posture a bit too I think.....too static. An awesome amount of potential that -as of yet- I've never seen anyone pull off.

    Anyway, here's my blog if your interested;