Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Logo

Check it out, right up there. Up at the top. I started that logo last year while I was broken, and I came across it the other day and finished it up. Stoke. Yeah, it's kinda half assed and rough around the edges, so it works with everything else on this site.

For posterity's sake.
Other than that, I've been working on this dude. He kinda reminds me of GG Allin. I feel that if any mythical races were going to strip naked, play with their little ding-dongs, and cover themselves with feces, it would probably be the orks. I took pictures of the stages I used to paint his helm, but they didn't really come out too well. Sorry, dudes. No tutorials for you today. 


  1. Great start! Let me know if you were interested in the 2 RT era marines I painted up. I'll send them you way if you like :)

    Pics here:

    Painted mini exchange (cause the last thing I need is more unpainted ones) ?

  2. Funnily enough I just painted up a small crew of these guys the other week. And I too took mediocre photos, but I posted them on my blog anyway :)

    He's a great RT ork, many of them have quite a lot of detail on them too. Which is surprising really, considering that they're supposed to be mindless brutes with no time to spare, let alone spruce up their gear! It does make them fun to paint though.