Thursday, January 8, 2015

40k Beastman - Finished

Figured I would just get these completed pictures posted up. See, I've been doing shit!

This miniature was incredibly fun to paint. I was going to recommend tracking one down on ebay, but they are all retarded expensive. Dunno how much I paid for this guy, but it wasn't 40 bucks. I decided to try out a cracked magma effect on his chestpiece, and though it may look like his armor is encrusted with candy corn, I'm still pretty stoked on the finished product. It was cool to have a little space to throw in some freehand on the plasma gun's power cell. The eagle on his chest- and the caps on his horns- were painted with a mix of metallics I've been working with for a bit.

I imagined the beastman was from an Imperial Guard battalion lost in the Eye of Terror. Chaos has begun to take hold and warp them, yet through denial they still attempt to cling to humanity. The color scheme was inspired by the wildly colorful and chaotic artwork and painting styles of early Rogue Trader 40k. Kinda bummed, I feel the marine on the base would have made a better narrative painted in the pre-Heresy Thousand Sons colors. I'm sure as hell not motivated enough to go back and repaint it.


  1. Bah, time in the warp is strange no reason that corpse couldn't be from the future after Arhiman had failed ;) Nice work!

  2. That beastmen turned out pretty snazzy!

    Well done!