Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sometimes you shred...

And sometimes you don't.

I am a broken, broken man.

It sucks I haven't made a post here in a bit, but I broke my ankle a few months ago mountain biking. Not a whole lot of fun, straight up miserable, really, and unless you enjoy laying on the sofa eating frozen pizzas and watching TV, I do not recommend it. So it goes, man. Regardless, I'm hobbling around these days, and my last x-ray is in about 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll be cleared for contact after that. I'm currently trying to un-lazy myself, so I did some work on some Gundam models, sold some records online, and I've been wrenching on some bikes in the past few weeks. I also read a ton of sci-fi and Robert E. Howard books (he created Conan the Barbarian, obviously highly recommended). I'm slowly getting back to business as usual.

That being said, I did finish up a bike I've been building for my cousin. We'll shred soon, brother! It's not really anything rare or super special, but I tossed on some good parts, and it has some old school appeal. I present to you the Bianchi Ocelot. The drivetrain is built with all Surly parts, aside from the cranks which are a set of Truvativ FireX single speed cranks. She is pretty light for an old steel frame, and should be nice and nimble. If you have actually read prior posts here, you may recognize her.

Do you know the riddle of steel? For if not, Crom will laugh at you and cast you out of Valhalla.

Like I said before, I've also been selling off some records and CDs from my sizeable stash. I ran a death metal and grindcore distro years ago, and I have boxes of doubles, triples, and crap I just don't want. If anyone is interested I'll post up some of the cool/rare stuff I dumped off.

Unfortunately with the excessive amount of sofa laying and not working I've been doing, I haven't really had a lot of cash to drop on vinyl lately, however I did go record shopping in Philly shortly before I broke myself.
Crust punk? That shit sucks.
I highly recommend checking out Noise Pollution off South Street. Really, the shop is called Noise Pollution. Need I say more? I spotted some Plasmatics records at a different shop. I'd have loved to snag them, but they were too rich for my blood at $40 or so a piece.

The Dropdead is a first press of their self-titled album on dark purple wax. It's a cool record, and I've been searching for it for a while, unfortunately it is supremely annoying to listen to. The first side plays from the inside out. I'm sure you can imagine me trying to play it for the first time and getting pissed cause the needle keeps falling off. Fucking hilarious, guys.

I was stoked to find some DS-13. I wrote a bit about them in my Go Skate! post. If you like pictures of cool skateboards and ranting about punk rock, go read it.

As for the other stuff, I've listened to Disrupt for years. The price was right, and its a reissue on purdy white/black swirl wax. I'm a fan of Jack Control, so it was cool to find the Deathreat LP. Listen to his band World Burns to Death. Shred. Nuclear Assault single? 'Nuff said. I got taken on the Doom. $20 for a reissue. Lame.

I also traded my buddy a Municipal Waste album and a Tom Waits 7" for these guys. They came in about a week ago, but I haven't made it to the Doom 7" yet. The Nausea is just so good. I love female vocals in hardcore, and Amy Miret sounds like a total megababe. I also found out the bassist, John John Jesse, builds models and he is pretty wicked to boot. Check out this link for some killer Star Wars models he built.

Anyways, I'm running out of steam, and I'm at the coffee shop and my battery is about to die. However, rejoice! You idiots should be hearing more from me now that I'm doing better. 'Til next time... Shred hard. Shred gnar.

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