Friday, January 10, 2014

Here's your stupid roll call

Some of you may remember me bitching in my last post. If you don't recall, I hate when newer bands refer to themselves as power-violence. Regardless, I logged into the book of faces recently and saw a post from crucial mid 90's Cali PxVx blasters, Despise You. They were pimping some rad new shirts, and crusty old grinders gotta make some scrilla, too. I jumped at the chance to snag West Side Horizons, an LP of a large majority of their early releases. Poking around at Discogs, I see there was a pressing on Dodger blue vinyl, and an edition on purple or gold vinyl. If you don't get it, purple and gold are the old school colors of LA's Canadian soccer (otherwise known as hockey) team, the Kings. I dig that kind of shit. It's a gatefold, and I should have snagged a shot of the inside. Lots of pictures of homemade DxYx shirts, Suicidal Tendencies style. Props for that. Highly recommended LP.
Feelings are for pussies, bro!
I also own the DxYx split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed, which is a rad listen. Roll Call. Destinial. I believe Chris Dodge from Slap-a-Ham/Spazz fame diddled the bass on that recording. Cool stuff. You should probably just dedicate and order both albums. I also finally got around to ordering the Possessed to Skate comp off eBay, which I've been lusting after for years. Stoked.

Other than dicking around with my record collection, I've been working on my bikes a lot lately. I use the term working pretty loosely, cause mostly I just hang in the garage and drink beer and listen to punk rock, but hey, it makes me feel productive.

In case you give a shit, and I don't blame you if you don't, I've been building a sweet Surly 1x1 mountain bike. I'm waiting for a few more parts from the local bike shop, but she's just about done. I'm 6'5 and somewhere around 210 lbs, so she has to be built like a tank. If it can break, I'll probably break it. I don't know if you've noticed, but I kinda have a thing for lime green, so I have some limited edition RaceFace Green Monster cranks and bars coming in. I haven't got to take her out since I tossed some meaty Continental Mountain King tires on her, but they should help on the sloppy Pennsyltuckey winter trails.
I'm also trying to get an old Haro bmx in shape for my cousin's little dude. I know there is some beef between skaters and bmx'ers out there, but whatever. Hows about we all just pick on fruitbooters and be happy with that? I'm running into major issues finding parts that fit it. It requires old school 1/2 inch thread pedals, and the axle bolts are smaller than modern bmx's use. The rear wheel is cracked, and the frame unfortunately has a big dent in the downtube. The kiddo is 7, though, so I don't think that is gonna be an issue for a while. I have some sweet blue grips to toss on it, and I have the original anodized blue rear brake. He'll be styling when its done.
Here is an old Bianchi Ocelot I've been wrenching on as well. It is hopefully going to be another single speed trail bike, however this guy is really pissing me off. The threads stripped out of the drive side crank arm when I tried to pull it. Out came the hammer to no avail. I may have thrown some tools that night.
That's all for now. I'll catch you hosers next time.

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  1. Man, Despise You kills!! I have a ton of their stuff and everything from Charles Bronson if you ever want copies of anything.