Saturday, November 23, 2013

A current shot of the desk

So I thought I'd show you guys a shot of my current projects. I've actually been blasting out a fairly decent amount of work recently. I'm trying to clear out some old projects before continuing more recent work.
You may recognize that evil little goblin bastard back there. Gorefink is almost done. I have to paint his hand and weapon, and do some touch ups here and there. There will also be a sign nailed to the stump with his name on it. I'm pretty stoked to get him done for show season.

There's a Rackham dwarf chillin' with his rifle there on the right. He was meant to be a fun and quick little paint, but unfortunately I got distracted and started doing a nice job on him. I absolutely love the old Rackham dwarves and goblins. Check out Haekel & Jaeckel for some nice Rackham pictures and tutorials. It's in French, so give that translator a workout! It's worth it!

The  marines... well... they are Space Marines. I just need to finish them and get them out of my world. That being said, the Space Wolf on the left is one of my favorite miniatures ever. The first miniature I painted that I was really proud of was this dude. I'll have side by side pics of new vs. old when he's done.

Other than that, I've been working on a new toy. Pretty stoked. Surly 1x1, dedicated singlespeed trail ripper. Just got her finished up the other day. This bike was mostly funded by selling shitty death metal on ebay. Shred!

I'll get something interesting posted up for you guys soon, perhaps a little tutorial or something. Maybe I'll learn you cats my method for building wilderness bases.

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