Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Been a busy month...

So I know I talked about how much I wanted to post here once a month, but unfortunately July was a busy one. I moved to my new pad, which I'm really stoked about, but I do not have internet access there. That is all well and good, because it helps motivate me to do work. I've also been spending a lot of time cycling in the beautiful weather outdoors. Fortunately I've managed to sneak in some time at the bench. I occasionally work on prepping an Aile Strike Gundam kit I have, but most of the work has been dedicated to a piece that has been on my table for a year and a half or so now.

Meet Gorefink.
Born under the sign of the rat, he's a delightful little chap that enjoys smashing, sewer brew, and striking menacing poses.

I started this little bastard a year and a half ago or so, around late 2012. He is a fantasy tribute to Rat Fink, in case you didn't get the joke. Shame on you if you couldn't figure that one out. I've spent somewhere around 40 hours on him and his scenic display base (not pictured). Other than his right hand and axe he is pretty much complete. I've currently been working on pushing my highlights a little more, so a bit of touching up on his skin and armor may be in the works.

I am exceptionally happy with how his pelt and the rat ears came out, however the pelt is another spot that will be getting some additional highlights to make it pop.
In case you are interested, I will drop some knowledge upon thee. Eventually I'll get you a recipe for the ears posted. They required a bit more work and I can't give exact details right now.
The pelt:
  • VGC Cold Grey
  • GW Gryphonne Sepia wash
  • VMC WW2 German Camo Beige
  • VMC Ivory
Lay down a solid base coat with the Cold Grey and wash it with the Sepia. I then drushbrushed a coat of grey with a little beige added, then a coat of beige with a little grey. I really try not to drybrush too much these days, but I'll make an exception for pelts like this. I finally break out that tiny detail spotter and start hitting individual hairs, though this where my paint mixes become less defined. Add a little ivory to your grey/beige mixture and go to town!
The skin:
  • VMC Black Green
  • VMC Reflective Green
  • VMC Intermediate Green
  • VMC Yellow Green
This is not an earthshattering recipe for goblin flesh. Base with the black green, lay down some reflective green everywhere but the deepest recesses, then start mixing and highlighting that shit up. Finish with straight yellow green.
In case you are not a miniature painter and have an interest in what is goin' on up there, VMC stands for Vallejo Model Color, VGC is Vallejo Game Color, and GW is Games Workshop. These are all dedicated miniature paints, but they are also acceptable for airbrushing/other model work. I've used paints from pretty much every company out there, and these days I almost exclusively use Vallejo's Model Color for hand painting. Tamiya still rocks it in the airbrush.
Anyways, that was a lot and now I'm getting lazy. Sorry to bail. I'll try not to make it such a long time before my next post. For a while I've had an idea to write up an article on my experiences with different paint companies, and some colors I find absolutely necessary for my style, so look forward to that soon.

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